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Launcher suggestion

Drahcir Nasom
Independent Manufacturers
#1 - 2012-04-12 13:11:23 UTC
Every update I patch 4 clients (yes I know you can run 4 clients from 1 installation but I'd rather not risk a patch error trashing all 4 clients at the same time). I allow the first client to download the patch and install it, then I export the patch. Then on the other 3 clients I have to quickly click to import the patch before they try downloading them. When I export and import, the launchers remember which folder I last exported to/imported from.

My suggestion is, couldn't the launcher be made to check automatically if there is a patch file of the same name as the one it is trying to download in the default folder and then just automatically grab that file instead of me having to interrupt the download and manually select the patch to import?