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Anyway to make the menus easier to navigate through?

Bart Warton
#1 - 2012-04-10 18:09:17 UTC
the menus are so tiny and easy to slip off of. I'm trying to click through so I can warp back to my contact, and I frequently slip off of my selection, causing me to have to navigate that whole thing again. It's kind of annoying.
Petrus Blackshell
#2 - 2012-04-10 18:38:18 UTC
Once you get to the option you want, you can drag it onto the Eve bar to make a shortcut to it there.

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Shovel Bros
#3 - 2012-04-10 19:33:59 UTC
Also, it's possible to change the size of the right-click menu (in the General settings tab IIRC), if that's what's causing you issues.
Bart Warton
#4 - 2012-04-11 15:53:02 UTC  |  Edited by: CCP Phantom
BTW, I increased my menu font size to a large as I could go, and that helped a lot. It would be nicer if I could increase the font size to something much larger, like 20pts.