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Hydro-Hegemony, Giving Eve Online a new spin

Slumber Hawk
Shadow on the moon
#1 - 2012-04-09 22:48:02 UTC
Suggestion made to create a changing surrounding where some materials should be fought over

Note: The changing surrounding is needed to avoid a stable Alliance friendship in a local area where the thrillseeking of war ends up at killing the same player over and over again

Suggestion: Hydro-Hegemon

Simple solution where Alliances get two options to farm core materials. For this, the local source needs to dry up
1) Materials are now brought in by interstellar moons entering a (random) system for a limited duration: 1 mont
2) Materials are now brought in by interstellar asteroids, harder to farm, give less than moons: 1 mont

1) Resources, which a nearby Alliance can seek out or fight over or trade entry to other alliances for ISK etc. During the time span, 2 or more alliances can either claim the system or deny claiming of the rogue resource moon. Fail to farm it might reduce the income to farm the next rogue resource moon.
2) Resources, which allow smaller alliances to be less affected and allow income or productio

Suggestion: Giving EVE online a spin

Changing a surrounding with fixated stars is not really workable. For this there are two separate spin
1) Base spin, where core planets spin around an axis over the timespan of say 1 year
2) Captured star/gas group spin. A trail of stars that either formed from incoming gas or a captured smaller star cluster that circles around the spin center on an eliptical pat

1) the core in this would be the EVE defined faction
2) the outer zones could spin above and below the plane in the clasic atomic icon, and at least fragmented enough that over a span of about 3 months you will have new neighbours, with new claims of who can claim/trade rogue resource moons

Additional note: CCP might throw in an odd ball of resources between two alliances because the ISk pay was worth it [;)
Example: Just on the edge of Goonswarm and PL if the spin turned out right. Twisted
Shovel Bros
#2 - 2012-04-09 23:39:46 UTC
What is this ... I don't even ... What?
Gerrick Palivorn
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#3 - 2012-04-10 04:06:17 UTC
Read it 4 times and I think I got it.

-Moon minerals should be finite and dry up after a while.
-Rogue planets and asteriods occasionally visit random systems in Eve for about a month, during that time the locals can farm the hell out of it.
-Rogue astriods have moon mins on them

Second part of the idea which is completely seperate from the first.
- Have the eve 'galaxy' spin around a central point in the game universe
- Have the spin of the galaxy do one full cycle every year
- Different systems have different paths, eventually changing the position of systems compared to each other IE some are more circular orbits and others are more elliptical

My response to this is no, simply because the systems we are allowed to visit in Eve isn't even close to an acual sized Galaxy. It's more on par with a cluster thats part of an arm off of a spiral galaxy. For example the milky way is 100,000 LY's in diameter and 1000 LY's thick, Eve is around 200 LY's in diameter and about 50 LY's thick. This points to the fact that the New Eden cluster is nowhere near the center of the Galaxy it's in.

The spin is also something that would be cool but the relative position of the stars to each other and the speed of the spin is so unoticable that we could say that it's been part of the game the whole time and we wouldn't have noticed.

The rogue planets and astroids idea has been used before and I personally like it, just update the position at DT each day to make it more realistic.

MMOs come and go, but Eve remains.  -Garresh-