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Establishments, Props for Portraits, Livestockburgers, and You!

Darth Gustav
Sith Interstellar Tech Harvesting
#1 - 2012-04-06 02:42:22 UTC  |  Edited by: Darth Gustav
We should be able to have props in our portraits. Like a Quafe in hand, or even better, a big Twinkie (item not yet in-game obv).

I'm also picturing Livestockburgers in establishments for a slight buff to lock time and tracking for 30 minutes. They would also be available as a prop, as if to intimidate your adversaries with your lascivious appetite for Livestockburger-induced destruction. Other stuff too, such as some kind of Milkshake that cools your nerves, allowing for buffs to prop mods and prop jammers. This could be really fun.

And you could produce them along with any/all of the old NPC Trade Goods. In establishments.

I mean we need to make these prisons useful eventually right? Why not make it about the spaceships?

Imagine the player production of NPC Trade Goods and the immaculate impact it would have on the overall economy!!!

Exotic Dancers anyone?

[Edit: Best of all this would create a nancy-boy riskless PVE environment where risk-averse carebears can wile away the days of their subscription producing and bottling Quafe at their corp's newest investment: An Expensive Establishment for NPC Trade Good Production. Let the good times freaking roll! WOOHOO!]

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