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Derp Durrr
University of Caille
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2014-06-18 16:34:41 UTC  |  Edited by: Derp Durrr

Last event
was INSANE!!! yet my hunger is never satisfied... Time for another Destruction Derpy!

A while ago, I started a frigate tourney under the banner of Destruction Derpy. No hassle, no catch, just a lil' of ye olde pewage, encouraged by outrageous prizes. my way of celebrating our survival instincts. it was fun, it was great. and now, several months later, it is back!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Get ready for



So the idea is simple:
bring a few T1 frigs (standard or faction, not pirate) and enjoy the rush of facing each other to the bitter end! (No podding ofc).
Its free, its fun, its fantastic! pilots of all skills are welcomed to duke it out on our battlefield, with a chance at winning outrageous prizes! keep in mind, not just the absolute winner will win stuff. we will be giving away prizes for originality, performance, lolz, even the youngest and freshest will walk away smiling!

When: Saturday 28/06/14, starting around 18.00 Eve time
Admission: FREE!!

Shiptypes: T1 Frigates, this time including faction frigs! (nope, still no pirate frigs allowed)Blink

4th prize: 75 mil
3rd prize: 125 mil
2nd prize: 15 Gecko
1st prize: 1 PLEX

FFA prize: 1 Garmur

Join our ingame channel "Destruction Derpy" and participate in a few of our minigames and bonus challenges! Alternatively for the anti-social among us Pirate join our mailinglist "Destruction Derpy" and we'll keep you up to date on our plans and progress.
See you there!




Want to help out?
feel free to contribute, be it in prizes (and conditions for them), ISK, goodwill, support, promo, thread credit or pictures of your sister Cool any and all support is welcome! Also, if you have a more in-depth proposal, contact me!

Founder of the soon-to-be Legendary Tournament series -=DESTRUCTION DERPY=- Are you up for the challenge? Join our ingame channel Destruction Derpy today!

Derp Durrr
University of Caille
Gallente Federation
#2 - 2014-06-18 16:34:54 UTC  |  Edited by: Derp Durrr

Destruction Derpy


1. All ships must be nothing other than the ship type picked for the event. So when the event asks for T1 frigates, only T1 frigates will be allowed to enter. There will be 3 different categories of “metalvl”: T1, Faction/Pirate, T2. So a T1 tourney does not include Faction/Pirate or T2.


1. Cloaking is not allowed.
2. ECM jammers are not allowed (with the exception of drones).
2. All meta levels are allowed, including T2, faction, deadspace and officer.
3. Drugs, boosters and implants are not restricted.
4. Mobile depots and otherwise refitting during a fight is not allowed.


A battle will have 3 phases: the preparation phase, the battle phase and the post-battle phase. before any of these phases go in effect, both contestants will receive a fleet invite from separate characters with equal boosting skills. players must remain in this fleet for the duration of the fight. dropping this fleet prematurely will result in a loss.

Preparation Phase

1. Both contestants will receive 2 bookmarks: one for their starting position and one for the battlezone.
2. Contestants will both go to their personal starting position at 0km range. Once landed at the starting position, contestants are forbidden to move around.
3. At their starting position, contestants will invite each other to a duel. Once the duel has been confirmed from both sides, both contestants await countdown.
4. When countdown finishes, both contestants will warp to the battlezone at their preferred range, albeit no more than 30km away from the battlezone.
5. Once landed on grid at the battlezone, we enter the battle phase.

Battle Phase

1. the moment contestants land on grid at the battle zone, the fight is on.
2. There is no maximum arena size, warping around on grid is allowed.
3. Warping off grid is not allowed. Doing so will be considered a forfeit of the warping contestant..
4. The battle ends once one of the contestants loses their ship or warps off grid.
5. The maximum time for a battle is 5 minutes.
6. If the timer stops and no contestants have lost their ship, or if both contestants agree to draw the round, the match will be considered a draw and will result in round 2.
7. between round 1 and 2, players are allowed to reship. Round 2 goes through the same preparation phase as round one, only this time players have to warp to the battlezone at a maximum of 20 km.
8. If round 2 once again ends in a draw, round 3 starts. no reshipping for round 3. same steps apply towards the start of the battle as described above, only this time both parties warp at 0. if this round once again ends in a draw, both contestants lose.
9. At the end of a battle, be it by losing a ship, warping off grid or ending in a draw, both contestants warp back to their starting position.
10. If one of the contestants ends up in a pod due to losing a ship, the contestant is NOT to be podded. Doing so anyway will result in complete disqualification and a ban from any future tournament or event hosted by Destruction Derpy & Co.
11. Once the battle phase has ended, the post-battle phase starts.


1. The winner of a match may chose to loot the wreck of the losing contestant. Alternatively the winner may make the wreck public. Public wrecks will be considered as a donation for Destruction Derpy.
2. Contestants post either their killmail or their lossmail for the records.
3. Judges will see if any of the contestants are eligible for one of the prizes. If this is the case, winners will be announced and prizes will be contracted no later than 24 hrs after the fight.
4. Depending on the situation, both parties will be placed in a new bracket for the next fight of the tournament.

General Info

1. The tournament follows a single elimination structure, including a match for 3rd place.
2. Judges orders must be followed. failing to do so may result in disqualification of this event and the ones that may follow.
3. External assistance is not allowed and will result in a loss and a ban.
4. The outcome of a match is indisputable.
5. Judge decisions are final and not subject to appeals.


I shall receive fedo's. I want them.

Founder of the soon-to-be Legendary Tournament series -=DESTRUCTION DERPY=- Are you up for the challenge? Join our ingame channel Destruction Derpy today!

Goonswarm Federation
#3 - 2014-06-18 16:51:04 UTC
Goonswarm Federation
#4 - 2014-06-25 10:33:45 UTC
posting to confirm Arilyn Moonblade is Destruction Derpy staff.

if she's trying to talk you into it, don't make her work too hard trying to show you a good time Lol

Derp Durrr
University of Caille
Gallente Federation
#5 - 2014-06-27 00:19:17 UTC
Hi all,

With the upcoming derpy closing in on us, its time to release some extra info.

First off, time to reveal our solution for the not-too-concord-friendly among us: we have laid claim on a wormhole and have started the conversion progress of turning it into a full-on tourney grounds. this way, your sec status won't matter one bit. the wormhole has a hisec static, so after the tourney we'll drop you off in some nice and safe pocket of space with plenty of prizes earned to justify the risk.

our Derpy team will be providing logistics to those who need it, getting in multiple ships may be a hassle for some. alternately, you can send me your prefered fitting and we will make sure to get your ship ready at the tourneygrouds in time, free of charge. make sure to add FITTING to the subject and make it easy for us, link the desired fit.
for all negative sec pilots, this option may be your best chance. I'm sure you all know how to get by in hisec without getting factioned to death. just mail your fittings and come in a shuttle.

Once inside the hole, we will have public POStowers for you all to use, including fitting service & all that jazz. just dont be an ass while in the hole and you'll be welcome to stick around.
The tourney entrance will be anounced at the day of the tournament. be prepared to jump around a bit.

those of you who have been with us since the very first derpies a few months ago surely will remember our favorite element: the Free For All! time to try that one again. the rules are simple: kill em all, last one standing wins.

I realized I havent said anything about prizes yet!

4th prize: 75 mil
3rd prize: 125 mil
2nd prize: 15 Gecko
1st prize: 1 PLEX

FFA prize: 1 Garmur

Of course, we will be having loads of bonus prizes made up on the spot, you know us by now ;-)

For those of you who do not wish to fight but still want to see the fun, is the place to be. stay tuned, we'll be handing out plenty of stuff on this stream as well.

Last but not least, exciting news: We're proud to announce our new sponsor, EOHPoker! they have showed interest in our fast growing community of triggerhappy people and have decided to give us some special support: All contestants for the coming Derpy will be credited 100 mil on their EOHpoker account. all you need to do to claim this credit is make an account and fight the tournament.
Additionally, our fights will be hosted at their tourneywebsite, from here, we can all speculate at the outcomes of fights. lil more action from the streaming perspective, eh ;-)

So thats it for now!

if you have any questions, make sure to jump in our channel!
and if anything else comes up, I know where to find you ;-)


Derp Durrr
on behalf of Destruction Derpy

Founder of the soon-to-be Legendary Tournament series -=DESTRUCTION DERPY=- Are you up for the challenge? Join our ingame channel Destruction Derpy today!

Jennifer en Marland
Shiny Violent Killing Toys
Astral Battles
#6 - 2014-06-28 20:14:46 UTC
Thanks for another great Derpy! Big smile

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