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2003 Pure 0.0 PVP corp recruiting.

Just fearless
State War Academy
Caldari State
#1 - 2011-10-18 00:36:50 UTC  |  Edited by: Just fearless
Phantom Squad is recruiting!!!
Pub channel is "PhantomPublic"

PHA is a pure 0.0 pvp corp looking for an extra 30 active pilots. We are a decent sized corp (200 members) comprised of  60% EU TZ and 40% US TZ. Phantom Squad was founded back in 2003 by our current ceos brother. In one way or another we've been active in all war from the old Curse wars through max1 and the sacking of germinate up to the last stand of IT. Our corp enjoys a very relaxed atmosphere and is ran by the members for the members. We practice financial transparency so members can see where the money is going and be sure that leadership isn't just getting rich off the corp.

What we offer:
Arrow a sense of family: every member is important
Arrow corp forums and TS3
Arrow lots of PVP, be that roams, camps as well as alliance ops
Arrow corp logistics
Arrow a stable 0.0 base to make isk
Arrow leadership that listens to what members want.

What we are looking for in a member:
Arrow English speaking
Arrow active, both in game and on TS
Arrow 20 M sp or more
Arrow self-sufficiency
Arrow a laid-back demeanor and the ability to take a joke. We are a crazy family and there will be shenanigans!
Arrow We will require a full API.

Come see what PHA is all about in our public channel, "phantompublic". If you have any questions or are on the fence about joining, just talk to a PHA member or director.
Our killboard can be found at
To apply we ask that you register at our website and read our member agreement, .
Lightning Squad
#2 - 2011-10-18 00:42:48 UTC
come one come all , join the fun with the rest of us =)

some old farts around still and some youngblood.
State War Academy
Caldari State
#3 - 2011-10-18 01:00:57 UTC
Awesome corp. Been here ever since my old corp closed its doors (11/2009). Lots of fun and Drama Free.
ACF Cadelanne
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#4 - 2011-10-18 01:07:09 UTC
Hear hear! Tons o' fun to be had.
Sir HappyPants
Caldari Innovations and Research
#5 - 2011-10-18 02:34:26 UTC
Before I joined PHA, my name was Sir SadAndLonelyPants. Now I am a member of the best corp in Eve and I am no longer SadAndLonelyPants.

Also, PHA cured my baldness and impotence. And erectile dysfunction.

(true story (hand to god))
Member of the #TweetFleet   @thisurlnotfound
Just fearless
State War Academy
Caldari State
#6 - 2011-10-18 15:05:23 UTC
Back to the top!
State War Academy
Caldari State
#7 - 2011-10-18 17:12:24 UTC
PHA loves you!!!! come join us!!!!
Ghostly Logisticals
#8 - 2011-10-18 19:19:58 UTC
Come and join the fun.

Once your in you wont want to leave
Sky Dasher
Syndicate Enterprise
Sigma Grindset
#9 - 2011-10-18 20:49:34 UTC
Dedicated corp! Highly skilled and pvp experienced!

Do I need to say more?

Gyrn Fzirth
Blackwater USA Inc.
Pandemic Horde
#10 - 2011-10-19 00:41:55 UTC
Phantom Squad is worth looking into if you're interested in 0 sec combat.

Eve is the game I play most, but I'm looking forward to SC. Get started here

Just fearless
State War Academy
Caldari State
#11 - 2011-10-19 06:31:14 UTC  |  Edited by: Just fearless
Pha is a retirement home for those that want a home not a corp
DJB Alpha
#12 - 2011-10-19 18:13:06 UTC
Just fearless wrote:
Pha is a retirement home for those that want a home not a corp

my retirement started early then!!!!!


there is no place like home.... o'wait im already here!!!!!!! :D
#13 - 2011-10-19 21:30:53 UTC
why didnt some 1 explain about our dating rules on our forum also ... "wink wink" females welcome ,, tired of dating the old farts in corp =)
Di-Tron Heavy Industries
Atlas. Alliance
#14 - 2011-10-19 21:41:46 UTC
Rutger Centemus
Joint Empire Squad
#15 - 2011-10-20 20:05:47 UTC
Bump for a corp worth joining!
Just fearless
State War Academy
Caldari State
#16 - 2011-10-21 07:50:24 UTC
pha best corp in eve
Raspun T
#17 - 2011-10-21 19:10:35 UTC
Story time

I was totally wasted last night walking though a play ground eating a box of ice cream sandwiches, i guess 8 was my limit cause i ended up puking all over the kids play things

Am what u call a average PHA player, come join the fun!
Just fearless
State War Academy
Caldari State
#18 - 2011-10-22 07:45:00 UTC
Lots of pew pew join the fun

Just fearless
State War Academy
Caldari State
#19 - 2011-10-24 09:42:19 UTC
Phantom squad has accepted 5 new members over the last few days. great time to come by and talk in "phantompublic"!!!
Just fearless
State War Academy
Caldari State
#20 - 2011-10-24 17:35:19 UTC
join today
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