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About EVE expansions and business model

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Alx Warlord
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2012-11-10 16:43:10 UTC  |  Edited by: Alx Warlord
In the last months there was a big rise in the plex prices and many stopped playing eve... and this number is still growing...
Read this: EVENEWS

There may be many causes for this, maybe the game development is not fast enough to delivery the constant innovation that the playerbase demand, maybe the 0.0 game got boring because the "game" is already won by the blob, and trying to do anything results into frustration...

Most of eve player are 20+ years old and are on college or have jobs, this means that they don't stay the whole day in front of the computer and use their time into the game to have some fun and relax. Sometimes, people use EVE as a background game, while play other games, and those who never do this and get bored of doing always the same thing with no new content in their play-style leaves game. And in the long run, reduces CCP income.

The Ideal solution for the eve universe would be to have many games into one, like having DUST and EVE, if you are not in the mood to play eve, you play dust. If you don't want to go run missions in Hi-sec, you stay in the station playing with the market. Or building a planetary harvesting system. Anyway, there should be more options to keep players playing eve in all situations. and also to keep All sorts of players playing it. That is why CCP should make more different kinds of gameplay, like Revamping the POS system into something that the player could constantly upgrade (See my signature for more info on this) and also create space casinos for players to "Walk in station" and play them.

Also about the development and innovations delivery, What happens now is that CCP develops in cycles of 6 months. This model is somewhat many years obsolete. The most successful games developers in the moment AND the most successful companies are working with the doctrine of "Kaizen" - constant improvement, this means that if you have something good to delivery, delivery it NOW, delivery something new every week! to keep the consumers always using your product! But keep the big expansions for Epic features, like was the Incursion expansion, or the one that added wormholes. Ship balancing and new ships are not this kind of epic... and should be used to constantly feed the players will to play.

Of course you don't like to hear other games names, but pretending they dont exist is dumb. CCP compete with them for player attention and should look to them and study where they are doing the right stuff and where they are failing, example:

Riot - League of legends: Keeps players playing with constant game development, every few days there are a new unit to play with and have big proffit sealing "Skins" that do not change the gameplay. Free gameplay.

What CCP should do? Constatly realease new ships based on the missing roles AND sell paintings and graphic customization for them (permanently unlocking a ship mod). If this becomes profitable, removes eve subscription to play (somehow). maybe keeping the subscription to train most skills (and add more T3 ships to harvest players skills Twisted) .

Blizzard - World of Warcraft - Had a rich world but it was static, with no groth, with time got boring and people got tired of it. But as it longed, people had allot to do in the game, and could play in many different styles.

What CCP should do? - Prevent the stagnation of the game, as nullsec reaches a stable condition where 1 powerblock rules everthing/almost everthing the game is over. Also shoud add more kinds of gameplay including station games.

Steam and Valve- Many different games: As it sells many different games, it harvests allot of money from their consumers, becouse there are always new games for all tastes.

What CCP should do? ADD a station casino, and in it, many different games to keep players on it. It will compete with the space game? Yes, but will also compete with the other games that players would play instead of EVE. For example Dust514 is a good move of CCP as it competes direcly against other games.

Mojang - Minecraft: It is not a game, it is a toy, the player can do and build everything he want, having a freedom level greater then any other game.

What CCP should do: REVAMP POS system to match a freedom level of a Minecraft, in a level that building and administrating POS would be a new game

I'm Just suggesting to EVE development system and payment method to be different, following other companies that are obtaining much more success then CCP. I'm not saying to remove afk cloakers nor change skill systems, nor to change the things that make EVE a success. And I really don't want to discuss about how to play the game. It is how CCP manages things. ( And how the development rate is possible below community expectations)

It is true that CCP is trying this path Creating DUST514 but it is not a computer game.

So CCP, could act NOW seeing their income drop or wait the point of no return, as EVE greatest value lies on the player content, if you lose most of players it will be game over... for eve and for dust.

Obs: If someone is going to post something here, at last be someone that have a degree in an administration or engineering area or at last have experience on what is talking about.

Obs2: EVE is the best game ever and I really would like to see it recognized by the world and have the biggest playerbase of all. but I think I just have to stop playing it for about a year or so, until its development reaches a new level and matches my expectations...

Obs3: If you liked it, or think that CCP should take at last a look in this topic give it a like in the button above. thx!
Ice Fire Warriors
#2 - 2012-11-10 17:24:20 UTC

This is just a "reboot" of the same thread after the OP ran into criticism.
Alx Warlord
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#3 - 2012-11-10 21:41:07 UTC
This is just a "reboot" of the same thread after the OP ran into criticism.[/quote]

Yes it is, I removed the most polemic parts so it could be focused on the subject. Absolutely no need for you to bring it back. Especially if you have nothing to add to the topic.
Imperial Shipment
Amarr Empire
#4 - 2012-11-10 21:44:13 UTC
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